Wahoo Launches Updated Speedplay Pedal Range And New Power Meter

After acquiring pedal maker Speedplay in 2019, Wahoo has announced that they will release a range of four new road pedal models, along with a new power meter pedal option to be released later in 2021.

Wahoo has made minor refinements to the existing Speedplay pedal design whilst maintenance and user-friendliness has been improved.

The Wahoo pedal range includes the Speedplay Nano (titanium spindle – 168g), Zero (stainless steel spindle – 222g), Comp (chromoly – 232g) and Aero (stainless steel spindle 224g). A new pedal based power meter called the Powerlink Zero will have a stainless steel spindle and weigh approximately 276 grams.

It appears that the Powerlink Zero will have a spindle pod similar to the Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals. Details about the accuracy, battery type, battery life and charging method of the power meter are yet to be announced.

Adjustment wise, there is 14mm of fore and aft movement and there is 8mm of left and right adjustment. The Speedplay system has 0º-15º of micro-adjustable float.

Cleat tension is not adjustable. The new range will feature ‘easy’ and ‘standard’ tension cleat options. Standard tension cleats are included with the purchase of Nano, Zero or Aero pedals whilst easy tension cleats are included with the Comp pedals. Each pedal model is compatible with each cleat option. A rider will need to purchase the other cleat option separately, depending on their cleat tension preference. Walkable cleat adaptors are included with all models.

The RRP for the four new Wahoo Speedplay models are listed below:

Nano: US$449.99 / AU$699.95 / £379.99 / €449.99
Zero: US$229.99 / AU$349.95 / £199.99 / €229.99
Comp: US$149.99 / AU$229.95 / £134.99 / €149.99
Aero: US$279.99 / AU$459.95 / £239.99 / €279.99

To learn more, please visit the Wahoo website.

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