Garmin Launches New Range Of Rally Pedal-Based Power Meters

Garmin has released an all-new range of power meter pedals called the Garmin Rally, a little over a week following the announcement of the Wahoo Speedplay pedal-based power meter. The Garmin Rally pedals will replace the existing Garmin Vector range.

The Garmin Rally range includes six power meters, four for road use and two for off-road use. The road range includes the RS100, RS200, RK100 and RK200.

The Garmin Rally RS100 and RS200 are compatible with Shimano SPD-SL cleats (with the RS denoting SPD-SL), whilst the RK100 and RK200 are compatible with Look KEO cleats (with the RK denoting KEO). This makes the Garmin Rally range the first power meter pedal system to be Shimano SPD-SL cleat compatible.

The number 100 or 200, following the RS or RK indicates whether the pedals are single-sided or dual-sided power meters. The Rally RS100 is a left single-sided power meter pedal, whilst the Rally RS200 is a dual-sided power meter pedal system. The RS100 can estimate power output from the right leg, however a dual sided power meter like the RS200 can provide much more accurate power data for each leg individually.

The Rally pedals offer up to 120 hours of claimed battery life from four easy rider-replaceable LR44 batteries. Claimed power measurement accuracy is +/-1%. Maximum rider weight is 105kg. Release tension is adjustable.

The weights for the RS200 (Shimano SPD-SL) and RK200 (Look KEO) are 326g and 320g respectively (per pair). To put these weights into perspective, Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 Pedals weigh a claimed 228g (per pair) and Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals weigh a claimed 230g (per pair).

The Rally pedals can be paired via ANT+ or Bluetooth connectivity to a wide range of compatible bike computers, phone apps, smart trainers and a number of indoor cycling apps such as Zwift.

Pedal-based power meters have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their price and simplicity, making them easy to purchase, install, use and transfer between different bikes without the added hassle that comes with other power meter systems.

The approximate RRPs for the Garmin Rally road models are listed below:

RS100 and RK100: US$650 / AU$949 / £569
RS200 and RK200: US$1100 / AU$1599 / £969

To learn more, please visit the Garmin website.

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