The Bike Computer Gear Guide

Bike computers are an essential piece of technology for any cyclist, as they can allow us to record ride data, measure our performance, map routes and connect with friends.

The Cycling Sunglasses Gear Guide

It is important to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the Sun, the elements, as well as other hazards such as insects and debris. For some cyclists, fashion is just as important as the eye protection itself.

The Power Meter Gear Guide

If you want to get the most out of your training, assess your cycling performance in greater detail or most importantly improve your performance, then a power meter is the piece of technology for you.

The Road Bike Pedals Gear Guide

It goes without saying that good quality, sturdy and high performing pedals are a crucial element of any bike, transferring every bit of power from your legs into forward motion.

The Road Cycling Shoes Gear Guide

Road cycling shoes are an essential piece of clothing. There is a very large choice of road cycling shoes available from a huge number of brands, so it is vital to choose your cycling shoes carefully, taking into account the materials that a shoe is made from, the climate where you ride, the shoe closure system, and most importantly the fit and comfort of the shoes.

The Road Helmet Gear Guide

Choosing the right helmet for you is one of the most important (and potentially life saving) decisions that you can make. It can alter your bike riding experience and could prove to be the difference in how well you fare in the event of a collision.

The Road Groupset Gear Guide

The groupset is the second most important part to look at when buying a bike (the most important is the frameset) and is a key factor in determining whether a bike is good value for money.

View the weights of every road groupset in table form

The Smart Trainer Gear Guide

Riding a bike on an indoor trainer was previously associated with the words ‘boring’ or ‘mind-numbing’, however the introduction and advancement of smart trainers and training apps has completely changed this sentiment, by creating an engaging, motivational and even fun experience.